Welcome to Corfu!

Posted: 04/02/2016

Hello! We’re Phil Donnelly and Ginny Walker. Welcome to Corfu and Mulberry House!

We fell in love with Greece –and each other- back in 1988 when we met while working in a dusty little town on the edge of the Epirus on the mainland called Agrinion. Those of you of a certain age will know that this was pre-internet, pre-mobile/cell phone and in Agrinion it was pre-phone altogether! Communication home was only possible through a pre-booked slot in the town’s telephone exchange -the eponymous OTE.

As two impoverished graduates we promised ourselves that one day we would return to Greece and have our own place here. It took a little longer than expected (we bought Mulberry House and Cottage in 2015!) but now we are here and delighted to welcome you to our own little bit of Greek paradise.

In those days we loved the simple pleasures of Amstel beer, souvlaki and Greek salad. If we were feeling courageous, perhaps a glass of retinsa cut with cola. And we still do! But its also wonderful to be able to eat  in some of the very finest restaurants in all of Greece right here on our doorstep.

A lot has changed in 28 years, mostly for the better, but what we love about Corfu is that it has managed to retain those simple pleasures that have attracted visitors for centuries (sun, landscape and a generosity of spirit rarely seen these days) while also offering a wealth of experiences to whet the appetite of the most sophisticated of palates. We’ll be sharing our own experiences of these through this little blog in the coming months, but in the meantime if we can help you at all in planning your own trip -whether it be your first or just the most recent,  to this Emerald Island, don’t hesitate to get in touch.