Easter on Corfu

Posted: 12/05/2016

This year we were privileged to be on Corfu during Holy Week, culminating with all the festivities over the weekend of Easter Saturday and Sunday. Easter in Greece is a very special time, as far removed from Easter in the UK as you could imagine and should be on everyone’s bucket list. And when the date ties in with glorious Spring weather when the island is a carpet of flowers and blossom, what could be more perfect?

What struck us most about the week was how public everything was: processions, marching bands, and of course the famous pot-throwing on Easter Saturday morning. There are events all around the island but of course the majority center around old Corfu Town. Indeed most hotels within a short driving radius of Town are booked months in advance mainly by Greeks returning home from the mainland to be with families for this really special time. We had considered staying in town for a night, but you’ll need to book really early for next year (like now), and ultimately we preferred the short journey in from Mulberry House (you’ll need to arrive early for the Saturday festivities) giving us a chance to flee the chaos toward the end of the day!

While everyone gets caught up with the celebrations and festivities after the announcement of the Resurrection (commencing with fireworks after midnight mass on Good Friday), and the greeting of family and friends becomes “Christus Anesti”, in general terms Holy Week is a solemn occasion and I confess being moved to tears when we saw the band playing Albinoni’s Adagio through the narrow streets around the Liston.

Here’s a useful summary from Visit Greece of the Hold Week calendar to help you plan your movements and what to expect. If you get a chance to be on Corfu for next Easter, don’t miss it!